Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day designer at Target just FYI

just a quick fyi

If you liked the post I did on my favorite daily planner (The Day Designer Mini, full post is here)  but didn't want to buy one, they have some versions at Target from the same creators as The Day Designer for June 2016-2017  in stores now! ($12-20)

My post here has a look inside the Target one I used before I got the more detailed version just as a comparison. They have a few differences but are both good for a lot of small daily tasks.

It looks like they are sold out online otherwise I'd link it up. So check out a Target store if you want one. They are usually on the end of the aisle.

The small "Target" one is also sold at anthropologie for $10 in gold linked here. (sold out of larger).

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