Thursday, May 5, 2016

april favorites

1. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I'm pretty sure this hilarious Netflix show by Tina Fey has already been written about as one of my favorites but season 2 came out in April and Jake and I watched them all in two days. I had been waiting what seemed like forever for this and it did not disappoint! I watched season 1 twice, and I may rewatch season 2! There's so many subtle jokes that go on in almost every line, you don't realize how much you miss until you watch it again - I'm serious! 

2. Vacation Planning

I'm listing this as a favorite because it's been the main motivation to work hard this month and finish my second year of med school strong. My free time this month has been spent daydreaming and planning and I just can't wait to spend a few days not thinking about all of the things I have to memorize. 

Follow Jake and I on snapchat and we will take you along with us - 
we will be leaving here real soon!
 It's always my favorite to see when other people snapchat when they visit new places! 
@ajskid @bakejell33

(for once we'll have something interesting instead of the inside of my messy office or what Jake's food and drink of the day is ;) )

3. Citrus Scents (Lofco "Cabana")

I've finally transitioned out of our winter scents, and I picked this scent up at Spruce near 50th and Leavenworth. Jake lights this candle all of the time. It's a nice citrus scent. 
(tbh - I wouldn't repurchase this brand over the NEST candles which are at the same price point because Lofco candles are just not as strongly scented)

4. Sephora's Birthday Gift
Sign up to be in the Sephora club (or whatever it's called) and get your birthday gift! I loved last year's urban decay gift and I love this year's Marc Jacob's gift. The eyeliner is so soft it melts on your skin and the lipstick is a pretty pink! It may just be me but the sample lipsticks are always my favorite because they are just so much easier to apply on my tiny lips! My lips with out anything on them are basically invisible so it's nice to have some pretty options for lip color. (I had to throw out all my old favorite "Bite" lip pens because they had nut oils in them)

( self tan on the left - link for that post here)

5. Friends

Last weekend was my birthday and over the four days around that weekend I was able to catch up with many different friends for dinners and coffee and it just made my month! 

Bonus Jake's April Favorite :
New season of Game of Thrones

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