Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Highs and Lows of Last Week

Hi everyone, I apologize for not letting you know I was going on another blogging break last week but I thought I would be able to throw up a couple posts - that didn't work out.

Since I've last blogged, I finished my second year of medical school, Jake was a groomsman in one of his good friend's weddings, we went to Orlando for a few days, we figured out our moving situation and how we will be moving (we are moving to a cute downtown loft), and I had all four wisdom teeth extracted yesterday (I'm writing this on my narcotics so please forgive me if it's not perfect).  In the mean time I've also been trying to begin studying for the first part of my boards called "USMLE Step 1" (United States Medical Licensing Exam).  Silly me, I thought I'd also be able to keep up with the blog too but I just couldn't.

So I scheduled my surgery during "dedicated boards study time" thinking well it's fine Jake had his out and he was talking and eating Chinese food that day, he didn't even go under anesthesia, I figured I only needed one day off to heal and I can go back to studying. Ha, that was so foolish.

All of mine were impacted and I went under IV anesthesia for my surgery. I had already mostly memorized the "book of tips and tricks" and outline of each day post-op for what to do so I didn't think it would be a big deal. I was determined to do all I could not to get a dry socket (I don't know if I'll have one yet or not it's only post-op day 2) including medicated rinsing, shoving the food in the back of my mouth and swallowing it so it wouldn't get caught in my holes, sleeping upright, etc. 

Then I couldn't get the bleeding to stop and I could care less about dry sockets. I was doing everything right (I read the book and the internet and listened to the instructions). During the surgery they placed a dissolvable guaze inside the socket that was supposed to help aid clotting (because they couldn't get it to stop either) and then stitched on top of it.  Four hours passed....and I was down to two sockets still bleeding (off and on, the clots kept busting) ... then 7 hours passed and we went back in to the office to have him remove the guaze, stuff a bigger piece of the same stuff into the bony socket and restitch (this was painful). Anesthesia was wearing off and it was also immensely painful to apply pressure to allow a clot to form but by 11 p.m. I was all set. I slept upright in a chair (the narcotics let me fall sleep anywhere) and then I woke up at 3 a.m. to another bloody mouth. I believe it was the guaze packing material breaking out like they said it would eventually (it turns to goop and looks like a blood clot) but it still caused bleeding that I needed to stop, so from 3am - 5am I stopped that bleeding with more guaze and pressure and then went to sleep. I woke up to loose loops of stitches holding nothing together (the guaze used to be held down in the socket by these) but since a clot formed I'm just leaving it alone. 

<<<For you med students studying for boards (or our last Med school exam) yeah, classic presentation for  testing for VWF Deficiency....it definitely crossed my mind too>>>

I'll be splitting up the Orlando Parks tips and tricks into Disney and Universal posts separately in an attempt to stay organized (those should be up Wednesday and Friday). We had a really fun time overall visiting the parks and exploring everything, but I do want to tell you how we booked our trip and give an honest review of the hotel in our experience. 

We booked through United Vacations and stayed at the Holiday Inn Across from Universal Studios. 

Pros: Price, location across the street from universal, and hotel included shuttles to SeaWorld, Universal, and Disney.

*This post has been edited - A very nice representative from United Vacations contacted me to discuss the trip package and although I know she couldn't have prevented all of the hotel's mishaps, she offered to help by also contacting the hotel for our missing keys, and she apologized for our room problems during our stay. Jake and I are very satisfied with the customer service from United Vacations and we were also fairly compensated for the mishaps. She also informed me that United Vacations is a separate entity from United Airlines and I probably wasn't bumped from my flight because I booked a package (my airline tickets were the same price as everyone elses), she offered to contact the airlines on my behalf as well. 

Cons : 

1) We got a handicapped room by the elevator in our hotel and the floors were soaked with water every day, and the tiles were moldy and cracked. First off, I booked a king bed and we had two doubles (not a big deal but still this isn't the room I booked), and I did bring this up with front desk and they were too full to move me they said. I walked away with a stack of towels for our floor. We were determined that this would be fine though and not ruin the vacation, I mean at least there were no bugs. 
2) They didn't respect my "do not disturb" sign. Maybe it's just me but when I go places I don't like strangers coming into my room and moving my stuff. So I always have the Do Not Disturb sign up. They didn't respect it at all, and every day the room was cleaned and stocked. They also had morning housekeeping meetings loudly right outside our door every day.
3) Marijuana smells were in our room in the mornings. This may not bother everyone either, but I don't enjoy this smell - maybe go outside or open a window if you want to do that. 
4) We left our car and house keys there and our camera charger and we can't get them back. We know where we left them and we are 100% sure we didn't bring them back with us. When I called lost and found they weren't turned in....so guess we won't be seeing those again. Yes this was our responsibility, we know we didn't grab them at 2:30 a.m. when we were leaving to head home.
5) The internet was so slow or so hard to connect it was practically useless. I was able to get it hooked up for 2 nights, Jake said it worked better on his computer. 

Okay, enough gripes for one post, I think my attitude is obvious that I'm due for another pain killer.

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  1. Sorry to hear about all the problems you had. I hate it when people do not respect the do not disturb sign. It makes things extremely annoying. Focus on the good, price and location were good and you guys sound like you had a lot of fun along the way. That is always a bonus in my books. Thanks again.

    Roman Dean @ Mac MGI


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