Tuesday, June 7, 2016

chicken artichoke pizza

Jake and I love testing out different pizza recipes. Last week at the store we picked up a fresh artichoke and couldn't decide what to do with it so we put it in our pizza. 

In my opinion preparing artichokes is very annoying. You do a lot of effort for a tiny piece of vegetable that's left in the end. We used this website to help us out with the prep.

We use our favorite aluminum rolling pin that we got for Christmas last year to make it more of a flatbread (seriously it's amazing and sticks to nothing!!).

And we didn't go the homemade sauce route because Jake wanted to try this out - it ended up being his "favorite alfredo sauce" so it worked out -- we had to buy another jar this week.

Load it up with lots of parmesan, asiago, and mozzerella!! 

We will be making this pizza again soon and hope to share some more of our favorite pizza recipes (we make a pizza every week!). What are your favorite homemade pizza recipes?

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