Monday, June 27, 2016

the last four days

The last week I spent every waking moment cramming all that could fit in my brain for Step 1. It feels GREAT to be done early today (oh yeah, M3 year started today)! 

 I took the eight hour Step 1 exam on Friday and immediately went home and packed all of my stuff for another eight hours. Jake and Nate did the bulk of the heavy lifting for the move, so while I packed during that time they headed to the College World Series Friday night. 

my once clean office seen here completely got ruined this week

Saturday I scrambled trying to pack more boxes, while Jake and Nate carried everything into the U-Haul and drove it to our new home in the Old Market. 

We had to return the U-Haul by 1:00 and so in order to meet that deadline we decided to put all of the furniture in the lobby of the new apartment complex while I babysat it and opened doors. After a late lunch we hauled it all upstairs. 

(the beginning of the furniture piles in the lobby....)

During the hottest part of the day we took a catnap for 20 minutes, Nate went back to the CWS (idk how, I would've been exhausted) and Jake and I went back to our old apartment and took two more loads of stuff (it didn't all fit in the U-Haul the first trip).  Immediately after, I showered quick (without a curtain - because it is still lost in one of our boxes somewhere), and I headed to catch the last hour or so of a bachelorette party and Jake went to find food at any place that was still open (it was 11:30 pm). 

On Sunday we still had carloads to move from our old place (Millard area) so we took both cars and made two trips back and forth in the hot sun. This lasted most of the day because it takes forever it seems to load cars, drive across town, and take things up elevators in rolling carts. By the time we finished, I still had a few hours of modules to do before class on Monday and Jake wanted to catch the episode of Game of Thrones. 

We finally made it to bed at 12:00 after I finished my school stuff. Nothing is unpacked,  so this morning we scrambled to find clean clothes that matched. We still have a couple more carloads at our old place, and we need to clean but we are almost done with the move. (I'll post a few pictures when we are done unpacking)

It was really sad to leave our quiet little neighborhood. Our patio doors backed up to a park so we always had beautiful views and a nice place to go on walks. We could walk to Lake Zorinsky too in a short amount of time. We moved to be closer to the hospital for the last couple years. Our new building is beautiful, the apartment has exposed brick, wood poles, beams and pipes on the ceiling and a huge window that faces the city. The location is great and it will be fun to walk down to the farmer's market every week. The building also has a nice workout facility and a pool and hot tub on the roof!

This week in school is basically an orientation to third year. I had electronic medical records training today, tomorrow I have Basic Life Support, and the rest of the week we have different workshops to help introduce us to some clinical procedures. I must admit it's amazing to leave 10 minutes before I need to be at school and arrive on time (compared to 30)! 

I'm so exhausted and haven't had the chance to celebrate my eight hour exam so I'm going to end the post here, open a bottle of champagne, and unpack the place! 

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