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eyelash growth serums

A few months ago I started a new product that multiple bloggers had been recommending and swearing by. I love learning about the science of beauty products and I thought this product would be a fun science experiment for me too.  

neulash results

Neulash results

Jake thought it was dumb when I ordered a eyelash growth serum, even though I was so excited and lighting up about it while telling him.  He may still think it's dumb, however, Neulash definitely does work. I waited for 20% off to spring up on the site and free shipping and saved lots of money. This product is expensive, and even though it lasts a very long time you could probably go get eyelash extensions (which are more expensive your first appointment I think)  or spend money on the serum to grow them yourself but keep in mind the serum lasts a long time. has 15% off and free shipping when you sign up for their e-mail list, but other retailers carry it too (dillards, nordstrom) I ordered the 0.11 oz not the 0.2 oz. and it's lasted two months so far and not running out anytime soon. Other eyelash serum brands that would probably work just as well because they contain the same active ingredients include Latisse and Revitalash. (Keep in mind not all of the serums on the market contain the prostaglandins and other ingredients needed to make the product actually work)

This product would be really great for people with really short eyelashes looking for some extra oomph. One tube of this stuff will last at least 2-3 months. You need the teeniest amount, no double dipping after applying on one eyelash line and then after the first 6 weeks you don't need to use it everyday. The prostaglandins have been deemed safe by the FDA, just don't get them in your eyes, that's another reason to only use a small amount.

It takes the full 4-6 weeks of once a day application to actually see any results at all. Try hard not to miss an application, and once you stop using the serum the eyelashes will slowly return to the old normal. So to maintain you'd have to get another tube of this.

My eyelashes are now long enough that they dirty my glasses when I blink! They kind of look    spider-y, and the lower lashes have gotten pretty long too. The lashes have also gotten thicker.

 I do occasionally now find random stray eyelash/eyebrow hairs growing in odd places around my eyes, but I just pluck them. I have had to start really paying attention because even though I don't apply it on my brows, I'm getting stray hairs I never had before growing that show up anywhere in the eye area .

The before pictures are on the left and four weeks later on the right.
 (click the picture to enlarge)

neulash before and after

Click here for other peoples Neulash results. It definitely works differently on different people. I don't think I had as good as results as some of the people but I'll definitely keep using my bottle until it's finished. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase another bottle, it will depend on how long this one ends up lasting me. I would probably miss my lashes though if they got shorter and went back to normal.

Shop the product here

They have a NeuBrow too, which I think is cool for those of us with crooked eyebrows (one higher than the other)  or if you have patchy spots within your brow. I'm very impressed with the results of that product that I've seen online (it's basically the same stuff as the NeuLash except they add almond oil so I won't use the NeuBrow). Click here for some of those results

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