Saturday, July 16, 2016

finally all moved in

It's been a long and stressful process moving into our downtown loft. Although we are very happy with our little place right now, we've had multiple issues with the unit, and we were very unsatisfied with the shape of the loft when we moved in. 

I never expected the place to be perfect, but I spent hours wiping up the floor of the bathroom, wiping food off the cabinets in the kitchen, dusting our window blinds (which take up an entire wall in the unit), wiping down the stove, putting in requests for lightbulbs that were out or drawers that were broken. Paint is splattered on the baseboards in every room from the bright colors the people before us used. 

Our carpet was not cleaned upon move in like they told us it would be (multiple medium to large black stains were on the carpet), and it was also flat as a board from the prior tenants use. We'd requested new carpet, and then they told us no they would just clean it.  Then they said it was cleaned but the stains were still present. Then we started noticing leaves and stuff on the carpet and wondered if it was vacuumed. Turns out, it was never even shampooed. So the shampoo-ers came one day without notice a few days after we moved in, did one row in the hallway and then left. We had boxes everywhere, there was no room to shampoo. I walked in the unit and said they'd better come back. Eventually, they did. We also were told they didn't have time to put new carpet in because we "moved in too fast", even though we gave 70 days notice.  But over two weeks since move in, we finally feel like the place is clean and more comfortable now that we can move our furniture back.

I also found my nordstrom package outside of someone else's door. Luckily I grabbed it. This place sure is taking some getting used too. We finally got everything put into place today, I need to work on hanging some wall art and then I'll post a little tour. But for now, enjoy the views.

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