Sunday, July 24, 2016

painting copycat

I love to paint, but I always have problems coming up with my own original designs. Instead of purchasing prints or expensive paintings I like to try my hand at recreating them. Before you look down on me for using others' designs, I want to tell you I'm not selling anything nor do I claim to be as great as they are. I just enjoy the process and so I wanted to share a recent painting I did based on a print I saw on Etsy and Anthropologie.

Forgive the poor lighting, this was intended to be a tutorial but I didn't know what the heck I was doing's just the process.

 I've also recreated this Anthropologie bird (you can see my recreation in this post - I'm most proud of this recreation! haha) Check out some my other DIY paintings here and here.

P.s. how cute is this painting Jake made at a work function (the same week I was painting this) at one of those "wine and paint" places. 

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