Friday, November 4, 2016

october favorites

1. Coconut Oil

rms coconut oil review

I've already posted about my new love of coconut oil for my facial moisturizer   here. This makes the best base for makeup, I will keep this a part of my routine likely forever. It's easy and it works. Go test it out! Shop this oil here

2. Henry Doorly Zoo

(**This is us at Animal Kingdom, not as cool as the Omaha zoo but the best picture I had**)
henry doorly zoo omaha

We visited the zoo once this month, we hadn't been since high school, and we had a great time! It felt like we were back in Orlando at a fancy park because there was just so much to see. We spent the entire day open to close exploring. The zoo opened the African grasslands exhibit this year, and although it wasn't all finished, it was very cool to see what they have finished and the plans for the near future. The best part by a landslide was the three tiger cubs. We watched them for almost a half hour. There was also an adorable baby orangutan. Go check out those babies before they grow up, they were so cute! 

3. Dove Dry Shampoo

dove dry shampoo review

There are better dry shampoos on the market I'm sure, but you can't beat a nice product at a good price. I wash my hair every three days and this holds me over well to prevent greasy spots. As long as I don't forget to spray any spots where grease may build up, I'm good to go for a quick way to extend my hair styling another day.

4. Nicola's 

Nicola's restaurant review omaha

This is our favorite Italian restaurant in Omaha. Actually, this is my favorite restaurant of all. I love their food, their outdoor patio, the wine, the bruschetta (I never liked bruschetta before!), and their customer service. We always have a great time. If you want to go on a weekend, make a reservation a few days ahead or you likely won't get in. The days we call on the day of we aren't seated until after 9:00. Website here.

5. Vacation Planning

october favorites

I've had so much fun planning our summer vacation, and I've only just started. I've been spending a lot of my free time reading reviews on and I've been searching deals for flights on and, and I've been browsing way to many blogs for travel advice. I'm so excited! 

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