Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last night I had a crazy dream about camp, well I always dream about camp, but this time I was camper. Everyone that I went to high school or elementary school was there and we all had pink-eye. I also had the worst lunch, grapes (and only grapes-every day). 

For many, many years people thought dreams were ways to tell the future, or diagnose some problem that lies within your soul. Some people still believe that mumbo jumbo, but not me. If you'd like to hear a speech about dreams I'd be happy to tell you the one I gave at state speech in high school two years ago, otherwise I'll let you in on some fun facts that I've found.

1. You are paralyzed when you sleep

During your REM (rapid eye movement) cycle of sleep or the "deep sleep" stage, your muscles are in a state of deep relaxation, or paralysis.

2. Outside stimuli affect your dream

One time when I was kid I woke up with a sore hand and a bruise by my eye. When mom asked, I told her I was boxing in my dream. As a kid, I was freaked out and I thought that somehow what happens to you in a dream can happen in real life, like getting hurt. What probably happened was that I punched a wall, or fell out of the bed. The pain from that stimulated my dream into another story or "event." I've read that often people have the feeling of thirst or having to go the bathroom, and they dream about those feelings because they really need a drink, or have to use the bathroom. 

3. Some people dream in black and white

The University of California did a study in 2003 and found that 18% of the subjects dreamt in black and white. I dream in color, do you?

4. You can only dream about people or places that you've seen

Sometimes people think that your mind can make up creatures and people when you dream. The reality of this matter is that your mind can only give you an image of things that you've already seen. Maybe that evil person's face in your dream really belonged to a passerby at an airport that you saw last year. Regardless, it makes me wonder if I've appeared in anyone's dreams?

5. You forget 90% of your dreams

They say after 5 minutes of waking up you only remember 50% of your dreams and after 10 minutes you remember 10%. Dream diaries are common for people who like to remember their dreams!


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