Friday, August 3, 2012

Five Favorite Things This Week

1.  Bridesmaid Dress Color Swatches

How many shades of navy are there??

2. The Last Day of Summer Camp

What a bittersweet day. I said goodbye to my campers again today, and now it's back to the real-world. No more mario cart on scooters in the gym, ghosts in the graveyard games, talking about summer vacations, or seeing who can build the best sandcastles at's time to get back to the "grown up" life. 

Today we had a fun and super energetic day. I was with 4th grade for the final week, and during our kickball game we decided to have everyone be a person from history. We all also adopted (or attempted) foreign accents, mine was British. The campers helped choose their alter-ego (only if they wanted to of course) and we all referred to each other by those names throughout the morning games. 

Some of my favorites: Abra-one-hand Lincoln (his other arm is in a cast), John W. Booth, Rose from Titanic, Madonna, Napoleon (Bonaparte or Dynamite), Malcom X, Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea, Princess Diana, Michael Jordan,  Seabiscuit, Oprah, John Smith (from Pocahantes), and Baby Spice. (The counselors played along as Clinton, Hillary, and Monica) We laughed until we cried this morning, such a good day! I was pooped by the end of the day.

The kids sign shirts at the end of the day. I told the campers no one could sign mine, but I got snuck up on:

3.  Raising Canes

I enjoyed this delightful dish from Raising Cane's last night with Jake, Nate, and his friend, and it was also catered for our last day of camp lunch. 

4. Grumpier Old Men

I convinced Jake to watch the sequel to Grumpy Old Men this week. It is so funny, I knew he'd love it!

5. My One-Year Pre-versary Today!! (A camper made up that word for me)

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