Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moving ....Again

As I prepare to move in to Gamma Phi for the last time, I am reminded of the upcoming year and how I will need to take advantage of every opportunity that I can. After I'm married, I won't technically be an active member of the sorority and I will take "alum" status. It's okay, because I know that I won't be losing any friends or sisters, I just won't be invited to meeting every Monday night.

Tonight I finished packing up all of my things in many plastic totes. I also  enjoyed some delicious fettuccine alfredo for supper, I got a manicure, and I've watched like 8 episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I also finally purchased my $500 parking pass for the school year, and tomorrow I pick up my wedding dress!

Thursday-Saturday the sororities on campus have a "recruitment school" where we prepare for when the freshman come through. Recruitment officially begins Sunday, August 12 when the freshman girls move in. There are two open house days where girls are free to go to every single house and visit the sororities regardless of grade requirements etc. After that, the stars align and the girls will then get to visit 10 houses, 6, and then, finally, 3 houses. After the last day the girls will preference the three houses in the order they would like, and they will receive a bid card the next day listing the house that they are invited to join. It's an exciting process! and exhausting!

Inside the sorority house, girls are getting pumped up about the upcoming year and bonding. The week goes by super fast, and it's fun catching up with everyone!


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