Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Five-Man On Two

I'm all moved in to the best house on campus, and I would love to give you a virtual tour of my room, aka, the five-man on floor two. You blog readers are lucky because this is a sneak peak of what girls will see coming through recruitment as our room is a popular room to show on house tour days! 

Welcome, Annie McKeighan is on the left. She designed most of the "artsy" decorations in our room. She's actually working on something in the photo, haha. 

Ali Higgins really wanted a photo too :) My bed is the lofted one with the Vera Bradley stadium blanket hanging over the "bumpers." Guess they didn't want me to fall out of the top bunk.

Through the two navy crescent moon curtains, we have our own study area that includes five desks and a huge shelf to store things on. This study area in our bedroom is the coolest and it sits right over the Wick's plaza. The room is full of windows and we have a view of 16th and R streets. In the photo above Annie and Melissa Bakewell turned this area into a "getting ready" station. Isn't it adorable?? They hand-painted the stools and mirrors! And the bulletin boards!! Below is the other side of the study room showcasing mine and Ali Higgins's desk. 

Another reason why most people showcase this room is because it is a part of Gamma Phi's new wing. In the new wing, all of the closets are walk-in, and the five man has the largest walk-in closet. The closet alone is bigger than my two-man room last year. It's so great.

I'll end with our large bulletin board that sits above Melissa's bed.


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