Thursday, August 30, 2012

Two Days Until Kickoff!

I don't know about you, but everyone in Lincoln is ready for Husker football to start! Gamma Phi's tailgate is with Sig Ep this year, and Jake and I got tickets in East Stadium! The only problem is most of our friends are in South, so we'll probably end up sitting there anyway. The Husker tickets are on our NCARDS this year, and since it's all electronic, many have already found how it's pain to transfer the ticket to another student. 

Since I'm so fortunate to not have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (I do have a lab on Thursdays though), I had my hair done in Beatrice by Brielle's mom on Tuesday and then I visited mom at school. Her kids are insane, truly wild. I figured after school was out I might as well finish the drive to Fairbury and I surprised Dad, Anna, and Minnie too! 

My classes are going okay so far. My Anthropology courses are sometimes interesting, but since they are mostly discussion about topics we will never solve, it gets pretty boring. My human variation class has a lot to do with the differences of race and how people have categorized humans throughout time. My social structure class talks about the family unit has changed over time, and how there are differences in marriage and families across the world. Both classes have a LOT of reading....and since I'm used to classes where I can memorize things, or actually have to "know" specific material (Chemistry, Biology, all Science classes) I'm worried about what the exams will be like for our discussion classes. 

My History of Sports class is fun, mostly because I take it with Jake. We split up the readings and combine our notes, to make it easier. Yesterday we had a pop quiz, all of the bonus questions on his quizzes are current events and sports. Fortunately I sit by Jake and can copy those hard ones ;) . Phew. Although the other person next to me didn't even know the answer to who the Huskers were playing on Saturday. 

In physiology lab today we are studying the Renal System...(Kidney). We even get to bring our own urine today should be a cool lab. 

Have a great rest of the week!


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