Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Three Favorite Things This Week

1. "Smartie Party"

Friday evening at the Holiday Inn we had a social with Chi Omega, Farmhouse, and Phi Delt. It was fun, but it was really dark in there! It was kind of short notice, luckily I had some glasses, but other than that, I came "normal".  Even Jake dressed up! (As our favorite TV sitcom character!)

2. Husker Game

Most people left at halftime where we were sitting (upper East stadium). Brielle and the other Gamma Phi's in South stadium came two hours before the game, and left after a half hour of being there. The heat was overwhelming. Snaps for mom, she stayed the whole game! Jake and I left at halftime and watched it at his apartment. 

Before the game though we got these :

at a restaurant that will not be named, so they don't get in trouble and we can go back again for more!!! (You never know who reads this stuff, I can see a "map" of locations of people that have ever read this blog and one was from Australia and another dot came from South Korea) The best part was that Mom and Dad had the tab! We will need to plan a trip to Vegas all together :)

3.  Highlights and a Manicure

We were scheduled to have engagement photos today, but our photographer thought they were next week. She ended up being wrong but since she was in Texas, I guess there's nothing we can do but wait until next week. At least my hair and nails are lookin' good.

Unfortunately, I only have time for three favorite things this week because I have to go to my boring History of Sports class. 


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