Thursday, September 20, 2012

End of the Week Excitement


Wednesday the weather finally cooperated and Jake and I took our engagement photos. We had a lot of fun, and it was the perfect day-no wind, no rain, seventy degrees, and sun! We went to Standing Bear Lake in Omaha and used their dock by the lake for some photos, and other scenery around the area. We had a really fun time, and the sneak preview that Becca has posted so far, looks great! (At least Jake and I think so) I can't wait to see more! (6-8 weeks)

This past weekend we went back to Fairbury for the homecoming football game. We missed the parade, but it was fun to watch Anna in the band, well flags. This weekend, J Crew was having a sale so some of the bridesmaid dresses were ordered too! 

This week I've had a bad sinus headache and been pretty stuffed up. I think my medicine is finally working and I'm feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I took two naps, and was still in bed early. Today in physiology lab we are castrating rats. They are under anesthesia and so I hope I don't kill mine. (Joking! I won't kill it) ....Although last week when we had to pith a big ole' bullfrog I thought I was going to puke. In case you haven't heard, pithing basically means sticking a needle in his head and scrambling his brains (for a long time), also you stick the needle down his spinal cord to destroy the nerves there. While you're doing the second part his legs and body goes insane and he moves all around, it was gross. It's the most humane way to kill though, so don't think we were torturing the frogs! 

Tonight UNL is having a free showing of Pitch Perfect, and tomorrow I'm going to Legally Blonde to watch a few friends in the show at the Lincoln Community Playhouse. Next week is homecoming week, and I'm looking forward to those activities as well!

Enjoy the nice weather!


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