Saturday, September 8, 2012

DIY Coffee Mugs

The paints appear dull now, but after they get glazed (in about a week when we pick them up) they will be very bright and shiny! I'll post pics of them when they are completely done! (to see them finished click here)

Brielle is peeking in the background ^

Jake was a tad bit excited about his! 

My roommate Melissa Bakewell worked last night at Paint Yourself Silly. Occasionally on Fridays they are open until midnight and serve the painters Eileen's cookies and milk. Jake and I hadn't planned to go originally, and he took a little convincing, but since his roommate was on a date in their apartment we decided to skidaddle. 

I also made delicious cake balls Thursday night, Gamma Phi rarely has sweets so these were a must. 

It's also Seth's (Jake's roommate) 21st birthday on Sunday. I think they are having guys over to watch the game at their place tonight, So that's probably what I'll be up to this evening, but I'm bringing Brielle. 

Have a wonderful weekend! GBR!


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