Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Break...Almost Here!

Tonight Jake and I decided it was time for fall break already. We both have a class at 1:30 tomorrow, History of Sport, but after that we are home free. We planned to go to Aurora the entire break (Friday - Monday) but I have no winter clothes in Lincoln (just a few sweatshirts and North Face jackets)...and I'm freezing. We'll go to Fairbury Friday to see the fam and pick up my winter clothes and then Saturday we will go to Aurora. 

Tonight I went to The Trouble with the Curve with Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams. It was a great movie, more about father/daughter relationship than baseball, it was good. It was a heartjerker. As always Clint plays a grumpy old man.

Speaking of Dads. Dad's day at Gamma Phi was last Sunday. We enjoyed some pizza and chatting and then by the time the seniors finished talking about how much they love their dads we were all tired and decided to skip the laser tag section.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have some time to carve or decorate pumpkins. It's kind of my favorite part about October and I feel like this is the only chance I'll have to get crafty! Over the years, I've posted my favorite pumpkin projects, but just to remind you:

Andrew had to decorate a pumpkin like his favorite book character. Since I love this kind of stuff, I helped him out! He loves Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the cover is shown below).

Three years ago Jake and I put together these beauts. Jake's was supposed to be a ghoul, someone mentioned it looked like Obama though. It's whatever you want it to be. Mine's Bo though, duh.

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