Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Caramel Apples and DIY Pumpkins

Thursday Brielle, Molly and I made these delicious caramel apples...

They were supposed to turn out like this, since I followed the recipe found on their website .

They did not look much like the original recipe but I'm sure they tasted just as good.

When it came to decorating, we couldn't get the candies to stick to the outside of the apples. After caramalizing them, we immediately rolled them in the candies, and still all the candies fell off. 

I followed the instructions to make the drizzle, and it came out as a clumpy you can see in the last photo. 

For fall break Jake and I went to Fairbury for one night and then Aurora for the rest of it.
In Fairbury I made these pumpkins. The glittered ones were just drizzled with Elmer's glue and then a fine glitter was shaken over them. I used my fingers to smudge the glue around. The chevron pumpkin was made by taping masking tape around the pumpkin. The edges of the stripes are kind of smudged due to the masking tape not being able to cover every single edge. I could've painted over the lines to make them "crisper" but I liked the look, more of a rustic look. 

Tuesday I visited UNMC College of Medicine for the NUPATHs program that I am a part of (there were 10 of us that went total). We toured some of the campus in the morning, met with current med students, and shadowed residents in the afternoon. I beat everyone at the laproscopic surgery drills, that included things like putting tiny beads on tiny pegs etc, while watching the screen (and not your hands which held the tiny tools). I enjoyed this part of my day because there were a few kids there talking up how "smart" they were and how "great of a surgeon" they were going to be. The person running the drills said many times it had to do with how many video games you've played. Nobody raised their hands when she asked if we played video games as children. I guess I forgot to mention I received a new Gameboy every Christmas growing up as a child. :) Overall it was a fun day, a really LONG day, but it was fun! 

Jake, Seth, and I went to The Watering Hole to eat on Friday night. They have the best wings ever. Hopefully we can go there this Friday with Mom and Dad! I know they'll love it! 

Hope you enjoy this beautiful Fall Sunday! 


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