Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy October

Brr! What a cold day today! After physiology lab, I've been spending the evening eating Totinos pizza and watching my favorite TV shows.

Grey's Anatomy is on right now, with the loss of two great characters I'm not sure where this season will go. Seth enjoys Glee, but Jake and I have kind of stopped liking that show. Modern Family premiered last week, and Jake and I are still watching The Big Bang Theory as much as we can!

This week I had an hour and half in-class essay exam, a 10 page take home exam, and next week I have a 10 page take home exam too. I don't like writing, so it's extremely painful for me to get thorugh those!

Last weekend homecoming ended with a bang, Gamma Phi Beta won! We were all so excited! We also got the list of our newest editions to our GPhi families. I haven't really met my new grand-baby, but I'm anxious to meet her.

I'll post again later on this weekend, so until then, enjoy the evening.

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