Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Ruffle Tree Skirt - No Sew

Three Easy Steps To A New Tree Skirt

Things you will need:
-4 yards of fabric (I used 2 yds of each color)
-old tree skirt  (I used a dollar one from Walmart)
-hot glue gun and glue sticks
-fabric scissors
-Oh, and time. a lot of it.

1. Cut the fabric into strips. 
Some websites say 2", I recommend 4" strips. If the strips are too small they will "pop up" when ruffled and you will see the tree skirt underneath. I made the mistake of cutting them different lengths after I saw that I didn't like the looks of 2". That made it difficult, cut them all to about 4". 

*If using burlap, cut it outside. It leaves a mess.

2. Start gluing!
Flatten out your tree skirt that you are gluing the strips on to. You will need to "pinch" and glue the top fabric as you go. (only gluing down the top part of the fabric) I cheated in some instances and put a dot of glue on the bottom line of the fabric to hide parts where the "white" of the tree skirt showed through. 

Prepare to be burned. Especially if you use burlap. I used a pair of scissors to hold the fabric down a second as the hot glue dried. 

3. Finish it.
Five hours later you will have a cool new tree skirt! I finished it in the center by kind of "wadding" it up and gluing it. It might not be the best method, but it kind of looks like a flower, and it's fine. I'm sure it'll look even better around a tree!

I made this for mom for her birthday! (trust me, it looks so much better in real life, and not from a camera phone! It looks like the first photo!....Really!)

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