Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Losing My Mind

Seriously. This week, beginning on Tuesday with a car accident that was my fault, has made me question my state of mind. Today, in a matter of 15 minutes, I lost the key to the snack cage for summer camp. (They have extras, don't worry the kids were still fed) Today I grabbed someone else's camp backpack, twice .

 Fortunately this week I have had pick-me-ups from my peers, fiance, employers, and parents. Starting a new routine that includes vegetables as my entire lunch, 7 hours of sleep a night (usually I get 5.5), no coffee, and a gallon of water a day, doesn't help my "mood" or enthusiasm either.  I did still accomplish my week goals: cutting 1800 pieces of string and packaging them for the camp craft, making instructions for the friendship bracelets, feed 180 children five times a week, ordering wedding items, watching the NBA finals - or pretending to, turning in financial aid forms, paying bills, and remembering to eat, sleep, and shower. I'm surprised I could do all of that--especially the vegetables part. 

This week I also visited a couple senior citizen centers to "work out" with them for my Gerontology class three times. I had a really fun time, the work with resistance bands actually made my muscles a bit sore afterwards too. It also turned out the "head of fitness" lady that I had been contacting multiple times sends her kids to my camp! The instructors were very enthusiastic and the seniors were so nice and interested in my life. One lady's husband was even Dr. Jorgensen whom the Physics building is named after at UNL! It was fun listening to their stories. Multiple times they would say "You're too young to be married!!" I always responded with "Well how old were you when you were married?" and they all said numbers about my age or lower! If anyone you know is looking for a nice nursing home or assisted living check out the Legacy Estates or The Legacy in Lincoln. They are like castles with fancy restaurants, snack bars, great workout facilities, and events! Tonight they are having a "pet therapy" night and tomorrow they are doing yoga!  But they don't let residents outside, I 'bout got in trouble for letting one out when she told me she wanted to go outside! 

Have a fun weekend, I hope to work on some craft projects this weekend! 

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