Monday, July 1, 2013

Holiday Week

It's getting closer and closer until the big day!

Fortunately, I have the week off of camp this week for the holiday so I have some time to finish up some projects like organizing things, finalizing details, making final purchases, and paying all the vendors.

Today I hope to spend the day writing my essays that are due for my Gerontology class, relax by the pool, and get a workout in. Later this week we'll head to Fairbury, and then spend the weekend in Aurora and Hastings for Jake's cousin's wedding.

I got to help my friend Miranda celebrate her 21st birthday on Friday ! Happy Birthday !

I also finished up the newest Dan Brown book that I started reading over two months ago. It's not Brown's best work, but it still kept me intrigued the whole time. It's about Robert Langdon, a star in Brown's other books who must solve the mystery and save the world from a villian. The villian is a genius who knows that the world's overpopulation problem will have drastic effects on the earth and on our people so he creates something that will try to control it. Langdon explores Verona and Florence to solve the mystery. There are a few good twists!

Last night we went to Plamor Ballroom to line dance with some friends, but I realized I only knew 3 line dances after I got there so I spent quite a bit of time on the side. Jake only knew the electric slide so he danced to it when it was going on and then he watched most of the time. Before we go back I'll be youtubing some more line dances!

Other then that, Jake and I's summer has started out very busy with work and school and, if there's time, wedding stuff. I'm still waiting to hear back from the MCAT so hopefully I'll know the verdict of that by the end of this week.

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