Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookies Out There

As a lover of all great chocolate chip cookies...I saw another recipe for cookies that I wanted to try out. This recipe is for those who prefer their chocolate chip cookies gooey and chewy. I have to admit that my favorite recipe that I have is still the entitled "World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" that I posted about here

A goo-ey delicious chocolate chip cookie caught my eye on pinterest and I knew I had to try the recipe out.

As with all recipes, there are tricks that make each one different.

1. Use Cornstarch (I struggled with this because I have awful memories mixing up cornstarch and water as food for snail that we brought back from Kentucky one year)

*********Side Story- not about cookies***********

We once started with this 
Then one morning we woke up to something like this. 
(this is not our photo, just a representation of hundreds of baby snails that kept multiplying)

We fed them for all cornstarch for awhile, and then they ended up like this:

Just kidding. We didn't eat them. 
We took them all to the countryside and let them be free.
We did this with our squirrels too. 
.....and our cats (well we took them to a farm home).
Minnie is originally from the country, and so far we haven't felt the need to return her. :) 


Now back to the cookie recipe: (this is from Sally's Baking Addiction!)

1. Use cornstarch
2. Use melted butter
3. Use extra egg yolk
4. Chill the dough for thicker cookies
5. Place them on the pan in balls that are taller rather than wider
6. Bake no longer than 11 minutes 

This last picture is the finished product. 

Recipe can be found at this website :

**These are definitely their best when they are fresh out of the oven**

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