Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Final Homecoming Week

My long absence of posting has been due to a number of tests and quizzes and papers that were all due last week. I had an anatomy lab test, anatomy lab quiz (to those of you who don't understand, it's basically a shortened test), anatomy lecture exam, biochemistry exam, Native American exam, archeology paper, and an archeology quiz. All of my classes this year have the same exam schedule...I forgot to think about that when I was reading their syllabi. I didn't think I'd survive to see this week with all of that stress, but I did  (and I did well on my exams!).

Last weekend Jake and I tried out Hiro 88 in the haymarket that just opened. It was busy, as expected, but it was nice to relax for a night! We spent triple the amount of time eating because we refused to give up on using our chopsticks-- no matter how much we struggled. Saturday and Sunday we went to Fairbury where I discovered my parents and Anna had completely renovated my room into a guest bedroom, complete with new carpet, furniture, paint, a flatscreen, and boxes piled high in the closet. It looks really nice!! But it's also sad to see the green walls and the old photographs get taken down!! 

Now, I'd like to introduce to you this wonderful group of people that I've had the pleasure to get to know a bit better over the past few weeks.

We all say how honored we are to be on the court (which we are), but I think it's also fair to say how humbling it is to be surrounded by such wonderful young, kind leaders. This group was not chosen because they are the most "well-known," (which may also be true due to their involvement in many activities) they were selected based upon an application and an interview with professors and campus leaders. Part of their overall score will be based upon the application and interview, and part will be based upon voting - which takes place Thursday. 

I also want to introduce you to this great girl on the homecoming court, Hannah! She and I are Gamma Phi sisters and we were so excited to see our Greek triad win the skit competition last night at Monday Night Live! 

If you are interested in watching the winning skit of the Greek Division you can view it on the Gamma Phi Beta-Pi Chapter Facebook page or through this link:

(There was a residence hall division and student organization division that each had their winners too.)

Tuesday and Wednesday for Homecoming there will be a blood drive, and Thursday there is a Craig Morgan concert. (He sings:"Redneck Yacht Club," "This ole Boy," "That's What I Love About Sunday," "International Harvester," etc.) Friday is the parade, and Saturday is the football game!  I'm excited to participate in these events this week, and take advantage of my last semester in college!

Stay posted for a project I've been working on (it could be a flop-not sure yet :) )

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