Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Wreath

I needed a  break after my stressful week last week so I decided to go "Halloween" decoration shopping. Then I remembered that  I don't really like Halloween, I just like candy ....and skulls. I do love the fall though. I convinced Jake to get me some pumpkins while grocery shopping the other day, and, while in Fairbury last weekend, mom bought me some gourds and Grandma brought over a pumpkin pie! 

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday in between classes and found some supplies to make a fun fall wreath. (And because all of their Christmas and Fall stuff was 40% - 50% off , I bought some Christmas decorations too :) )

All the supplies were from Hobby Lobby, and if you hit them up this week everything will still be on sale!

Supplies: Stick wreath, (2) pheasant feathers, (2) gold berries, (20 orange berries, and burlap ribbon with wire

There aren't really any specific instructions, but I do have a couple tips. 
  • Bending the wires before sticking the berries in helped them fold into the wreath better.
  • I had to hot glue the tops of the berries so they wouldn't flop over forward

After I was finished I realized that a tutorial for the bow may be needed. Here's a quick run down: 

1. Fold ribbon back and forth like an accordion to make the desired number of loops that you want. The one on the wreath has 8 loops (4 on each side) and the one in the photo below will have 6 loops (3 on each side as shown).

2. For some ribbon, this step isn't necessary, but it makes it easier. I made two diagonal cuts through all of the layers, each about 1/3 of the width.

3. String twine through the cuts and tie it VERY tight around the center.

4. Now you can "fluff" the bow and spend a few minutes adjusting it to your liking. The loops will need opened and twisted to form the type of bow that you want!

*I'd also like to add that this skeleton wreath is pretty sweet!


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