Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Is it Friday yet?

My lack of posts this week have been for good reason, I swear! Until you know what it's like to study hours for Biochem (and still probably fail the exam) and Anatomy (tomorrow's exam) you can't put yourself in my shoes. Don't worry about biochem - I think the class average will be a 40% on that exam, so I just hope to have done better then that! 

In the meantime, I've managed to put a few holiday decorations up, get a 100% on my Native American class exam, cook some cheese grits, read about Plenty Coups - Chief of the Crows, and put together a presentation on the "Collapse of Mayan Civilization."

Jake and I also had a spur of the moment decision to brave the crowd opening day at the new outlet mall in Gretna last Friday. We literally went as the doors opened at 9:00 AM. Crowd wasn't too bad in the early morning, and it got worse after lunch so that's when we left. We ended up getting there at 7:45 and walked around. By 10:00 there was no parking to be found and people were denied access until cars left. Coach had a line at 7:45 of people waiting for them to open the doors - we never made it in there because the line was way to long the entire time. Kate Spade was also a store packed full of people, purses were flying everywhere. They had 50% off all purses plus 20% off your entire purchase and 40% of jewelry. Some stores like Banana Republic, Gap, and Eddie Bauer weren't discounted that much anyway. Under Armour and Nike had a constant line out the front of their doors too. Most stores had opening day sales which were nice, so we were glad we took advantage of those. Everyone there was SO nice, workers of course, but customers too. Everyone was just so excited to be there even when people waited an hour in line they were still friendly toward me and others. We ended up finding some Christmas gifts, so we were happy. 

A full list of stores can be found here:

Since my undergraduate career is winding down (graduation is only WEEKS away now!), I decided I'd try to appreciate my last days here at UNL and the knowledge I'm acquiring.

Today in class I learned:

1. The Arikawa tribe (and others) had groups that men belonged to called "Medicine Societies." They competed with each other to see who had the most healing powers. They had competitions at their medicine lodge and competitions included things like levatating tables, spinning furniture, cutting off body parts and reattaching them to people, shooting people and bringing them back to life, and my favorite, reports of a man who puked out the head of a horse. ( Our teacher described some of the "magician trick/illusions" that they probably used for the other "tricks" but I can't even pictures someone vomiting a horse head, can you?)

2. Beta Oxidation steps go like this:

4. The Rwanda genocide was awful 800,000 - 1,000,000+ bodies dead in 100 days. Holy smokes. 

4. I also learned the names for all the arteries in the body

(OK, our TA's didn't dissect ALL of the arteries to name ,but it feels like it!) 

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