Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

In spirit of Cinco de Mayo, I had hoped to land some enchiladas blancas from El Portrero or one of those cheese covered dishes from Tico's.  Or even an enchilada de monterary from Carlos O'Kelly's would do. Let's face it though, it's 6:50 and I'd be happy with some potato ole's from Taco Johns at this point. Since Jake at a banquet tonight (this guy is graduating Friday!), my dinner will be frozen pizza pockets that my Mom and Dad graciously decided to treat me with this weekend when they picked up some groceries for us! 

But for real, margaritas and tequila shots are SO overrated anyway , right? :) At least that's what I like to think since I can't drink them anymore because I had one shot (six) too many on my honeymoon, and now my brain associates the word tequila with death and makes me suffer. I tried to be brave a couple times since then with a margarita and felt sick after every time. And just last Saturday I tried a free Jose Cuervo Cinge at Brother's thinking that "the tequila incident" was now a thing of the past because it had almost been a year. (Unfortunately, I had to head home within that hour afterwards ) Some things just weren't meant to be I guess.

One of the three-year-olds I work with told me she went to a "cinco de mayo party" yesterday and I asked her, "What's Cinco de mayo?" and she told me that "grown ups have tiny glasses they drink together and then kids hit a donkey with a stick 'til candy comes out." 

Count me in for whacking that donkey I told her. 

*An update to this post: It's 7:30 and Jake tells me he's bringing me some Chipotle. 
What a great husband he is, seriously. 

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