Monday, May 5, 2014

favorites from the past few weeks

1. Lauren's Senior Recital

Wow can this girl play. She's "drop-your-jaw-can't-believe-I-know-someone-this-amazing" good. 

2. A New Haircut

Warm weather is here, and my grungy, long, tangly hair was getting on my nerves. I can't wait to mess around with this new 'do! 

3. A New Home

I always hate moving and packing. I absolutely love Lincoln and can't imagine moving away from it all. Check out this blog post about a few of the things most of us here at UNL have experienced - makes me so sad to leave.

4. Furniture Shopping

Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest furniture store in the nation, and even though I had been there before, I wasn't ready for it. Couches on couches on couches. We only found a couple we liked and one we loved. Excited for the furniture we bought to arrive this weekend at the new place!  (not the one pictured - I just caught Jake lounging)

5. The Crops in Our Daycare Room

After reading another of my all-time favorite books: Peter Rabbit - the kids loved making their garden and telling Mr. McGregor that HE was going to be made into a pie!

6. "Sleepover from hell" - Dad

Dad, Anna, and Jake went to the races Friday night while Mom and I ate wings at the Watering Hole. The whole fam decided to spend the night at our 525 square foot apartment and it was actually a really great time! Mom and Anna volunteer to sleep on the air mattress and Dad the couch so I s'pose since I got the bed that I slept the best. They all loved it so much we planned another sleepover for June for the Alison Krauss and Willie concert in Omaha ;) ! 

7. The Wedding Album is here!

Love this fancy wedding album that Becca had made for us! Look at that soft leather cover!

8. Turning 22

Sweet birthday wishes from family and friends really helped make my day special! I worked sun up to sun down but relaxed at the end of the day! 

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