Monday, May 26, 2014

leaving lincoln

I'd like to say that after three weekends of moving we are finally all moved into our place in Omaha, but that's not true. We have to hand in our keys to the Lincoln place by 5 on Wednesday, and I probably still have another car load from there I need to pack up and bring to Omaha. 

Before we left Lincoln we decided to have dinner at The Single Barrel (we also had a gift card). We've been here for drinks and a concert before, but we hadn't ever had dinner there. All of the food served here is grown/raised local (like really local) and all of the dressings are made from scratch. If I was hungrier I would have ordered a steak - I'm sure it would have been delicious. I had already had pizza and goodies at the last day of work and school festivities so I wasn't too hungry and decided to just get a meat and cheese tray - besides, I wasn't in the mood for super fancy food that night anyway. 

Then this came, and it was not exactly what I was expecting: 
All of the meat was duck, and I tried it all - wasn't a fan, but luckily, Jake really enjoyed it. The cheeses were good, (except for the bleu cheese - not a fan). 

They even made their crackers from scratch!

Jake switched me plates, and for the first time I ate all of the vegetables on my plate. These were delicious. He had some bison dish. 

And, of course, I couldn't turn down the puppy chow cake.

The full menu for The Single Barrel can be found here.  

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