Sunday, June 29, 2014

rain + succulents don't mix

Omaha has received so much rain lately. I know rain is definitely a good thing, but my succulents beg to differ. Those of you who know about succulents know that they like to be watered but not every day! No matter how hard I try to keep them out of the rain by either bringing them inside or covering them, I still forget the occasional rainstorm. Since it's been raining almost every day here, these plants are definitely suffering. I thought these were supposed to be "black thumb" plants aka the plants you could forget and they would still stay alive. But I've already repotted these babies twice because their soil got to soaking wet, and this weekend I spent cutting off the root rot. 

So Friday I attempted to dry everything out.

Succulents are so good at giving you signs as to when they are unhealthy. I find myself constantly checking them, but too much water really can destroy them. I read online if you cut the brown spots out, and cut the stems, they can be propagated and will grow again. So I cut everything down, and now am waiting for them to callus over and grow a few roots so I can replant them, but they need to dry out a bit. Look how awful they were when I took them out.

You can see some of the leaves starting to split, which may mean I was too late to save them. 

These last two shots were before I took them out.

Hope you've had better luck with your summer plants!

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