Friday, June 13, 2014

Time is Flying

Next Monday is already the fourth week of summer camp. I can't believe we've been going for almost a month. Time is literally flying by this summer and I've been thinking about all of the stuff that I want to have done before school starts. 

1) Read at least 5 more novels
2) Finish watching Dexter on Netflix (hopefully that will be done tonight)
3) Finish watching Game of Thrones on Netflix 
4) Lose five pounds
5) Paint some art for my walls
6) Finish decorating my office 
7) Meet up with friends again, before my soul is consumed by medicine
8) Stay in Fairbury for a while to see the family, before my soul is consumed by medicine
9) Find out what's causing my basil to turn brown
10) Sleep in
11) Learn how to stop worrying

So my to-do list isn't that complicated, but small tasks keep popping up and getting in the way. 

I've been loving another summer at camp, and recently picked up another job at a camp in Omaha. (I work Monday-Wednesday in Lincoln)

Meanwhile, Jake has been busy studying for his second CPA exam. He did EXTREMELY well on his first one, scoring a 94! He also started a new and exciting job as a "camping outfitter" at Cabela's for the next few months until he begins his auditing career at McGladrey. Stop by and see him for any and all of your questions about camping supplies . 

Our place is slowly coming together and once it looks halfway decent I'll be glad to show some pictures of our progress.  But for now enjoy this picture of our latest purchase:

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