Saturday, October 18, 2014

goodbye to dark circles

There are a ton of products that can conceal a dark circle under the eye, but not many that keep it concealed for over 2-3 hours.  I used to think that my under eye concealer was just fine and that it didn't matter what product I used because when I put it on in the morning, it "worked". I've tried drugstore products and brands of higher end products from makeup counters. 

When I started working mornings with daycare children and afternoons with school-aged children, I would come home to wash my face and realize that I had such dark under eye circles, even if I had applied makeup in-between jobs. I also kind of felt embarrassed after looking in the mirror wondering if all of the parents I talked to that afternoon thought I was some sort of tired zombie. This led me on the search for the perfect under eye concealer. 

I bought this product with a recommendation from another med student at the beginning of school (8 weeks ago) to cover up the inevitable dark circles that would reappear daily due to genetics (thanks mom and dad), dehydration, occasional lack of sleep, and stress. It worked so well, I devoted a whole blog post to it in case anyone else struggles from dark circles they can't control.

The product: 
1) goes on smooth (doesn't "sit" in your crevices and make your eyes look flaky or too made up)
2) has more "pink tint" than the other products I had been using (don't let that scare you) that counteracts the blues from the dark circles for a more natural look and a better color result
3) lasts many hours
4) is creamy enough that a little tiny bit (not even a full spatula full) will cover all of the area you need

It also was compared many times to Bobby Brown's concealer in makeup reviewer blogs, which of course I've never used, but I'm sure that's great too. 

drum roll......

benefit erase paste review
^ a comparison of the different colors of erase paste and the concealer I had been using the month before (revlon colorstay photoready concealer)

As proof of my dark circles, and evidence of the product's quality you can check out these photos that I took one morning last week 
(the circles are even darker by afternoon!):

benefit erase paste review

After application (method below) ... 
I forgot to put my foundation on first, whoops.

benefit erase paste review

And in case you do want to try it out but aren't sure of a good technique, I posted a low-quality video below showing the crescent method they recommend and extending it up to the lash line and down like an upside down triangle toward my cheek. 

Don't forget to put a loose powder or finishing powder on over it to help it stay on even longer!

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