Sunday, November 2, 2014

october catch up

Hope you all had an awesome Halloween! Unfortunately on Friday, we didn't have too many trick-or-treaters (we had zero), so we get to eat all of this candy by ourselves I guess. 

To quick catch you up since my last post, Jake has started his new job as an auditor at McGladrey, and I survived Anatomy. Today we relaxed (well, Jake studied), ran some errands after church, did the laundry, vacuumed, and I reorganized the closet. I've also been working on my reading list, finished up Dark Places by Gillian Flynn this month (The book on the ipad - movie coming out 2015) and started Not that Kind of Girl yesterday - it's pretty funny. 

Dark Places, is an interesting book about a girl who's family was murdered when she was younger. Twenty years later she decides she wants to solve the murder and learn the truth so the book takes you through some twists and turns and secrets her family had as she uncovers the truth. Pretty entertaining, but like all of Flynn's books, also pretty dark.  

Oh, perhaps the most excitement came from news from these two today!

This week I have my OSCE exam, which is basically where hired patients come in with problems or issues and we are given an assignment right before we walk into these realistic clinic rooms and we have to pretend to be doctors and do different parts of a physical exam on them. There are cameras and microphones in the room and then we're graded on it as a part of our "ICE" class. So I'll be reviewing that material at the beginning of this week and hopefully my patient will be cooperative and nice and wonderful and perfect. . . as we all are when we visit the doctor ;) . I'll let you know how it goes. 

Enjoy some inspiration I put together to help me through the upcoming weeks of the OSCE's and biochemistry. (sorry for the poor lighting, didn't feel like editing any photos tonight! ) 

Stay tuned for a post with a reflection on my time spent in the anatomy core. (I'll try to do this with all of the cores in case anyone is interested)

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