Wednesday, November 26, 2014


With the recent exam finished, I've chosen to take some time out of the beginning of this week to relax and only study 3/4 as much as I normally would! (Yes, I'll still have ten hours of lecture to catch up on.) This relaxation included making some delicious cookies, catching up with friends, and cozying up in my new blanket (small things can sure make a person happy when those little things are few and far between).

I'm so thankful for all of the blessings in my life and the people who surround me. Tell your loved ones this week how grateful you are for them!

I found this recipe for ginger cookies on pinterest and even though I normally don't like ginger cookies, these are fantastic. The added almond bark compliments them very well, and keeps the cookies moist.

the best moist ginger cookies

best moist ginger cookies

best moist ginger cookies

best moist ginger cookies

And I had to whip up my all-time favorite "world's best chocolate chip cookie" cookies for Thanksgiving. This is the first time I've used the cake flour and Ghirardelli chocolate with them, and it makes them SO much better. 

(I'm holding onto this recipe until I die...)

world's best chocolate chip cookie

world's best chocolate chip cookie

 Happy Thanksgiving!
Friends and Family, I'm thankful for all of you!

P.S. To those of you looking for an update on the critter in our walls, here it is.
Yesterday I was hand-washing my favorite sweater (yeah, who buys sweaters these days you have to hand-wash right? Hand-washing a wool sweater could be another post of mine, it's not that difficult, but you HAVE to follow certain guidelines I've learned), anyway, I was looking for a beige towel to dry the wool  sweater on (so the colors wouldn't bleed) and I found THIS in my towel stack under the sink:


So naturally, I called the man of the place, and we poked around with a broom to see if anyone was "home". 

And we found nothing. Not even droppings. We did find a hole that leads into the wall where the sink is connected, and with a stack of towels, it would be easy for the mouse? to get through. We also had the landlord come and he shoved steel wool in two holes we found outside, haven't heard any scratching since. Maybe the warmer weather we had a couple days ago lured him outside and we blocked the hole at the right time - that's what we hope at least. 

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