Thursday, December 11, 2014

skate date

As you can probably tell, I'm a tad behind on blogposts. In fact, the only reason I'm even posting today is because it's the only thing I could think of to keep procrastinating studying for my ICE exam and blood test (not a "blood test", a computer exam on blood) - they both are today.

Last week Jake and I took advantage of the free skating (free for UNMC students + 1) at UNMC, and then had dinner at Nicola's in the Old Market. We had an awesome time, and were reminded why we should hang out downtown more often. 

ice skate unmc omaha

Jake caught on quick

I can't say the same

Afterwards we went to Nicola's for dinner. The food was absolutely delicious.  They gave us plenty of food, which was perfect, because attempting to ice skate wore me out. Jake ordered the Lemon Cream Salmon Fettuccine, and I had the Tortellini Formaggio and Prosciutto.

The restaurant is small - very intimate. Reservations are basically a must, and you get to know the other customers as you wait for your reserved table to open up. In an attempt to take you with us, I took a few blurry photos.

Nicola's omaha restaurant review

This is the entire restaurant, not too many tables! But definitely worth the wait. 

Nicola's omaha restaurant review

Nicola's omaha restaurant review

Nicola's omaha restaurant review

Nicola's omaha restaurant review

For more photos of Nicola's food or information click here.  Omaha is full of delicious food, Jake and I are excited to explore more this next year!

Critter in the wall update:

If you've been keeping up, you know the last time we left off Jake and I found a food stash from our critter that was living in the walls. Our previous hypothesis that the critter went back outside before the holes were patched was wrong. 

The animal died, and made the place smell like rotting flesh for a week. Now only parts of the bathroom smell like dead animal, and on Jake's side of the bed you can catch whiffs of the nasty odor too. 

I called maintenance (again) right after the smell developed to maybe help us take care of the odor or blast that wall open and get that thing out. Chuck came finally after 5 days of calling, and he didn't smell a thing. (come on, does smell decline that much with age?) I looked at him with disbelief, he really didn't smell anything. 

He blasted the under-the-sink-area with heavy duty deodorizer (which worked for a few hours) and patched up a hole he found (explains how mouse got from in wall, to in our cabinet). Then he told me, "I patched up the hole, so it won't be able to get out. If it dies, it probably won't smell since mice are so small." 

"HELLO?! It died over a week ago and it DOES INDEED still smell." 

The smell is slowly fading. I can now stand to brush my teeth in the bathroom.

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