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january glossybox review

My very first Glossybox delivery came the second week of January, and I've taken a few weeks to try out the products. I'll be doing a monthly review, and I'll try to keep account for myself and anyone else looking into a fun subscription like this if it's worth the money, and what the products are like.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription that promises to send five products from "luxury" and "up-and-coming" brands. Birch Box is another beauty subscription service that supposedly (according to many other reviewers online) is not as "worth the money" as Glossybox. I don't know though. 

According to Glossybox, this January box sold out last week, which means it must be a good one. The retail values are listed to show that (according to my calculations) this month had $75-80 worth of product PLUS a $40 gift card all for a $19-21 box - so that's good news. I especially love that most of the products included this month are products I use anyway just different brands, and the others are products I probably should be using every day. 

january glossybox review 2015

january glossybox review 2015

january glossybox review 2015

january glossybox review 2015

  • Kueshi Revitalizing Face Toner -Full Size
I love that this has a fruity smell, and feels cool on the skin thanks to the aloe in it. I have been slacking on skincare in December and so it's nice to bring back a toner into my routine. 

  • Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Serum-Sample Size
This is my favorite product in the box. I've used it the past two weeks 1-2 times a day after washing and toning, and then used a moisturizer on top and the gray dullness in my skin faded and brightness returned. Although a little goes a long way with serums like this, this serum dries pretty fast, and it's hard to spread out all over my face before it dries. The serum uses "properties of the truffle mushroom" and I don't know if truffle mushrooms smell, but this stuff smells delicious.

Even Jake, who had no idea I was doing anything different, complimented the way my skin looked after my first week with this product. But, one fluid ounce of this from the Italian company is $80 and so we will just have to cherish this sample size (.17 fl oz) while it lasts.

  • Vichy 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser-Travel Size
Cleanser, like toner, is always good to have because it's a product I'll buy anyway when I run out of my full sized ones. It's a morning/nightly routine to wash my face so I'm happy they included this travel size. It's large enough that I can get many uses out of it and it's perfect for throwing in my gym bag. 

There's nothing super special about this product because I'm a believer that most cleansers on the market all wash faces fine, so save money on cleansers. Cetaphil is my favorite, but we also use store brand face wash too (if you are going out to buy face wash though - be careful about those that include salicylic acid as an ingredient because if you don't struggle from a ton of acne it's incredibly drying and it makes my face burn and break out in warm rashes). 

  • Teeze Trendy Stiff Flat Brush-Full Size
This is another good product because it's always nice to add a new eyeshadow brush. The brush is very stiff and not good for an all over color but works well with highlighting under the brow and/or shading dark the crease and outer corner. No complaints, plus the handle is a fun print.

  • Lollipops Eye Pencil in Goodbye Moon - Full Size

I was skeptical about this product at first and thought it'd be junk, but after using it multiple times I see it's value. I haven't met another eye liner crayon that goes on as smoothly as this. It glides so well almost like it's melting on your skin so you have to use very little pressure. It can be easily smudged if you want it to be, and the fine tip allows precise application. Supposedly it has a metallic finish but since it's black I can't see it. As with the toner and cleanser (and serum for a lot of people), black eye-liner is always something to have in a makeup drawer so I won't have to buy any of this for a long time. 

  • The Glossybox
The pink box itself is pretty cool. I have it in my office helping me keep organized now, but it could just as easily be used for any other storage!

 Also included in this box was a $40 gift card to Hello Fresh . 

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