Wednesday, March 30, 2016

march favorites

I can't believe it's already the end of March! I also can't believe my Step 1 exam ( the first part of my boards exams) is coming up in fewer than 90 days. School's out in a little over a month, and then Jake and I made some time for a short adventure after that (add me on snapchat and you can come along with us @ajskid !).  While these next few months will be stressful for both Jake and I, here are some positives that have been my favorites this month.

1. Renegade Gospel The Rebel Jesus - by Mike Slaughter
Our church has been doing a sermon series throughout lent on some of the ideas in this book, so Jake and I picked up a copy to read and discuss during lent's 40 days. The book is about how Christians often paint Jesus into the person that fits their lifestyle, and ignore/forget some of the things that he is really about and why he came here in the first place. It is a good reminder for all Christians about how worldly things creep into our lives, how we can justify the way we live even if it's not how Jesus would want us too (even if we are still good people), adjusting priorities in order to "take up the cross and follow" Jesus - and what that really means, and it also discusses how Jesus makes us uncomfortable and how to really listen and hear what his plan is for your individual life here in this temporary dwelling. 

2. A skincare routine that works for me
I'll probably do a post later on my new skincare routine since it's been working so well for me, but I've been using the same products since January and have seen great results. My face has brightened up, my dry spots have disappeared, my makeup goes on much better, and besides my one chin pimple that arrives at the same time every month, my acne has subsided. I also just love putting my night moisturizer on at the end of the night (not pictured) because it smells and feels amazing. 

< obviously the routine is more than just this soap, but this soap change for me started the entire process, especially with getting rid of dry patches>

3. A pretty wall hanging (found at Target!)
I love how this woven tapestry adds texture to our walls instead of just boring picture frames. We really don't have much hanging on our walls and this fits perfect on a small wall in our apartment. 

4. Smoothies
For Christmas I got a Ninja personal size blender and I've been making a smoothie almost every day. I've basically lived off of smoothies and eggs (eggs not in the smoothie) during the day the past few months and I haven't gotten sick of them yet. Anyone have a favorite smoothie recipe? Comment down below if you do!

<frozen fruit station for quick smoothies in our freezer >

5. Planning
I've been doing a TON of planning this month to achieve some goals in the not far off future (Step 1 exam study plan, exercise, school) and  I've been trying to plan a little getaway. Using the Daydesigner I reviewed here it's been really fun. I have a problem thinking I can get more done in a day than actually possible, so I do need to work on lowering my expectations. 

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