Tuesday, May 31, 2016

quick makeup routine

I have been using these four makeup products in my daily routine since January. They make for a very quick morning makeup routine and I wanted to share. I don't spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning and I don't spend more than a few minutes on makeup. I believe if you have some products that apply smoothly, reflect light, and go well with your skin tone then that's all you need for a quick look.

Here's my "every day" makeup products:
This is the makeup I also used in my blog profile pic -->>

1. Burberry Luminous Fluid Base
I love love love this and when it runs out (which it won't for a long time, I've been using since January and it's still half full) I'll be ordering another. You can wear it alone without foundation for those days you have perfect skin and don't want another layer of makeup on. It's exactly what it says, it catches light and illuminates my dull face, or can help with a dewy look for the days you want that. I pump 1-2 pumps of this on the top of my hand and mix it with one pump of foundation and then apply them both at the same time mixed together with this brush. If you use this as a base and put foundation over it, you can't see it through your foundation well. 

(the top is the Luminous Base, the bottom is a streak from another product)

That is a long name for a foundation, but this is my favorite foundation that I've ever tried. It's like those "HD" foundations where it sinks in to the crevices really nice without showing any extra wrinkles. It lets your skin breathe. My #1 favorite thing about this is that it doesn't stick to my dry spots (crusted over hormonal acne spot). That being said, if I haven't been taking care of my skin well (like after Orlando) it will still stick to the flaky skin on my face that I didn't exfoliate off, but I don't know a foundation that won't do that.  I searched every department store counter for a foundation that was perfect skin color match (my skin was brighter after my skincare routine took off) and I found nothing - I'm serious. So in the search for a moisturizing lightweight foundation, I finally found this at Sephora. It's not that lightweight, it's medium but if you thin it down with the primer in #1 it's lighterweight. 

I bought this before the foundation (that's how I knew the foundation would probably be good). Mom and I were at Sephora looking around and when we put this on both of our hands, we noticed it didn't sink into any crevices like some of the other foundations. It applied like a smooth velvet and lightened the area well. It's a good thick concealer and because it's liquid it can be used to "bake" the concealer like Kim Kardashian does (see here if you don't know what I'm talking about). I don't apply powder over it, I just put it on and let it sit while I move on to eyes. Drug store favorite concealer is this Maybelline Fit Me liquid concealer, I use this sometimes too. 

This eyeshadow is raved and raved about online as a universal shade for many skin types and the perfect everyday color. It really is a great color. It can go on thick or thin, wet or dry and you don't need any other colors. It kind of melts in the crease as a darker shade on it's own. Of course you could spruce it up with a highlighting shade on the brow bone and a darker shade in the corner, but this is a "quick and simple" makeup routine so we are just using one shade. I love this, I've had it since January and I'm almost half gone with it and haven't used another color since I bought it. I can't say that about any other eyeshadow that I've purchased. 

The packaging is also really snazzy, it has the Burberry stripes on it and a heavy metal case with a magnetic close. 

There you have it, a quick makeup routine. Add a lip color or blush if you want, and some mascara and you're done.

(p.s. I'm in the process of making a drug store favorites makeup post, but it's taking a long time.)

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