Sunday, December 11, 2016

daydesigner mini review

It's almost 2017, which means it's the perfect time to shop for a new planner! 

I think this planner is the best one that has ever been made!  Each day is on one page, and in addition to the hours of every day to plan it includes a to do list, dinner plans, financial goals, workout goals, a motivational quote, and a spot to sneak peak at tomorrow's schedule.  I have been so much more productive, and I absolutely love these planners! Thanks to the productivity these planners allow, I can easily balance everything and remain the least stressed as possible 

During surgery rotation I didn't use my DayDesigner, and it was obvious. Jake would even say things like how irresponsible or forgetful that I'd become. I knew it was because I wasn't using my planner, buuuut I just blamed it on the stress of med school.

For 2017 I'm using the DayDesigner Mini from Belle and Blush in Pink Painterly. 

Click here to shop for your own day designer!! 

Click here to see my post that shows the specifics of how I have been using my planner during the first two years of medical school studying.

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day designer mini review

day designer mini review belle and blush

belle and blush day designer review

day designer mini review

day designer mini review

day designer review

day designer review

day designer review

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