Wednesday, April 1, 2015

spring ideas

I love Easter time, and I have many fond memories sleeping in foam hair rollers the night before church, putting on a pretty dress that matched my sister (complete with an itchy hat-which look adorable in photos), waking up to find what treats the Easter Bunny had left for Anna and I, hunting for eggs around the house, dying eggs each year, and spending time with family that we didn't see too often. 

While you remember the real reason for the season, here are a few ideas to also celebrate spring. 

1. Dye Eggs

Last year I made some cute ombre eggs (found here), and in a weak attempt to top that I made these "watercolor eggs" that turned out sort of ugly. Since I did this as a quick study break, I just used food coloring, boiling water, and vinegar, and I couldn't figure out how to make pink dyes. Originally I intended to do pinks, yellows, and oranges as seen in this post

watercolor tie dye easter egg

This could be a fun twist on traditional egg decorating if you are stumped for new ideas. The trick is to prep the eggs with vinegar and water beforehand, then take a spoon of light colored dye (watered down dye) and drizzle it over the egg.  Wait for the color to dry, and do another light color . For every dark color dye I made a watered down light color also. 

Then add darker colors on top one at a time. Just be sure your colors dry in between layers...or they will look more like the bottom three eggs in my picture - kinda messy but who cares.

tie dye watercolor easter egg

For the egg prep: 1:1 mixture vinegar and water; wipe eggs with it, then dry them
For the dark dye: 20 drops food coloring + 1/4 cup boiling water + teaspoon vinegar
For the light dye: 10-15 drops food coloring + 1/8ish boiling water + teaspoon vinegar 
(since I was only grabbing small spoonfuls of the dyes I didn't need much water)

These were last year's eggs, click here for more, including Jake's eggs. 

ombre easter egg

2. Bake Something Sweet

Last year I also made these delicious mini sugar cookie sandwiches (check them out here). 

spring sugar cookie sandwich

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